Hydrotherapy is a component of physiotherapy that involves the use of water for pain relief, treatment and exercise.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to increase activity levels and decrease pain following a Total Hip/Knee replacement. Using the buoyancy of water we are able to take some load off the joints whilst still allowing for some strengthening.

Prior to attending our hydrotherapy classes it is important to ensure that you have an initial appointment with one of our physiotherapists to ensure the class is suitable for you and that you are medically clear to enter the pool (ie. staples removed and scar site healed). This initial assessment will also involve a pre-class screening in which we will take some measurements of knee/hip prior to the program and set specific goals for your rehabilitation.

Our program involves a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises to progress your rehabilitation and return you back to normal weight bearing activities. The class is fully supervised and class size is kept small in order to ensure a more personalised approach.

All classes cost $35 and health fund rebates are available.

If you would like to learn more about how our physiotherapists can assist you please call 9227 5665.