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Beatty Park Physio is part of the iconic Beatty Park Leisure Centre, North Perth. We have successfully serviced all levels of active individuals from the junior community level swimmer all the way to AFL players and Olympians and seniors. 

We offer physiotherapy services such as Clinical Pilates, Swim Analysis, Hydrotherapy, AlterG Treadmill and Specific ACL programs. 

John Annear, Katie Holtham and team are proud to be part of this world class sporting facility.

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Advancements in treating sporting injuries have influenced the techniques used for more commonplace injuries. We offer some of the best recovery and rehabilitation treatments available in Perth.


Game ready, Beatty Park Physio


Compression and cold working together 

The Game Ready® System uses cold and active compression therapies to treat post-surgical and acute musculoskeletal injuries to reduce swelling, pain and muscle spasms, and to accelerate the body’s natural repair processes for faster return to physical function and reduced reliance on pain medication. Read more...



Dramatically improve your running technique

Motion Metrixs has now arrived in Australia at Beatty Park Physiotherapy, Perth. (www.motionmetrix.se/)

There has never been a more comprehensive motion analysis system available for runners. Read more...

Alterg Treadmill


‘Its like exercising on the Moon’ 

Beatty Park Physiotherapy is the home to one of the finest revolutionary treadmills to appear in rehabilitation over the past decade. The AlterG uses NASA patented technology (advanced differential air pressure) to allow you to reduce gravity impact by controlling the pressure to run between 20% - 99% of your total body weight. Read more...

Return to Sports Testing

Return to sports testing

100 point test - following knee injury

Our physiotherapists with the support of specialist sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper (Olympic Park Physiotherapy-Melbourne) offers a return to sport test following ACL ligament, Lars hybrid ACL reconstruction or following injury. There are three components to the testing. Read more...

Kin Kom Beatty Park Physio

Kin Com

Isokinetic testing. This is a strength test to assess your recovery from injury or surgery.

The Kin Com is a large computerised dynamometer that objectively and accurately calculate the force generated by opposing muscle groups such as the fire and hamstrings. Our Kin Com can be used in a variety of scenarios including posts knee surgery, post quads tendon or hamstring tendon repair surgery. Read more...


We service many sporting clubs from active individuals to elite level. Take a look at our sporting partners:


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