Motion Metrix

Motion Metrix has now arrived in Australia at Beatty Park Physiotherapy, Perth. There has never been a more comprehensive motion analysis system available for runners.

The strength of this system is there has been 600 runners of all levels evaluated to gather normative data reflecting critical measures that enable efficient injury free running motion. It has 3 unique qualities that are fed back to you within minutes of completing the 3-D motion analysis.

1. Running Economy

Whilst running at a number of different speeds your ideal sweet spot running speed will be identified. This takes into account the height, weight, age and running profile. Many of us haven’t a clue what our most efficient speed is. Even though you may not be running anywhere near this identified rate, it enables you to structure running programs and work towards it.

2. Understanding your Injury

How can one understand injuries evaluating you in a static setting-impossible? Firstly we understand your injury history. Then, within minutes of stopping, we undertake the evaluation and present all important feedback. There are a number of critical windows we review to understand your situation and from this put together a strategy of:

  • Correcting running technique
  • Strength and rehabilitation programs
  • Flexibility
  • Shoe and Orthotic advice

3. Injury Prevention

Whether it’s getting back onto your fitness program or attempting a new event it makes common sense to have your running assessed with Motion Metrix 3-D analysis in order to understand your movement pattern. Strategies to prevent injury whether in the form of preventative exercises or cues to be aware of when running can be accurately fashioned for you.

To undergo this amazing running assessment you will be required to bring in your favourite running footwear, and preferably tight-fitting black tights or shorts and upper garments. Long hair be preferred to be tied back to get optimal imaging on the 3-D cameras. There are shower facilities or a swim in the pool after available.

Appointments can be booked at Beatty Park Physiotherapy on (08) 9227 5665