Rehabilitation Services

Exercise Rehab

Physiotherapists are the best and most qualified health professionals to devise and implement an exercise rehabilitation program.

If you’re an active gym member we will communicate with your trainer so we can jointly work together in having you back training without discomfort.

Exercise rehabilitation can include home-based, and gym based exercises and a clinical pilates program or hydrotherapy or a variety of the above.

We will happily work in with your team which could include another health professional personal trainer sports coach school and/or family members.

Beatty Park Physiotherapy has comprehensive gym and rehabilitation facilities. If you have had a long-standing problem and have received a lot of passive treatment, current research strongly supports the benefits of exercise to address the many musculoskeletal conditions. The positive aspect of this is that you are driving the program with direction.

Post Surgery

If you have undergone surgery that has affected the way you move, our physiotherapists are trained and experienced in assisting you to get back on track.

Our staff have particular expertise with orthopaedic and sports injury surgeries including joint replacement procedures and reconstructions. We tailor a unique program to every individual and use evidence-based and effective treatments and techniques to optimise your recovery. Our physiotherapists have a very good working relationship with many of Perth’s orthopaedic surgeons ensuring that we work together with your surgeon for the best outcome.

Your rehabilitation regime can be flexible to suit your needs.

With a Kin Com testing machine in the clinic we can regularly test the injured joint or muscle to assess your improvement.

If you had surgery and you would like us to guide your recovery please contact us to make an appointment with one of our physiotherapist.

Gym Rehab

Beatty Park Physiotherapy has a comprehensive gym and rehabilitation facility.

Equipment includes pin loaded isokinetic machines, proprioceptive balance devices, Pilates equipment and the Altar G Treadmill. The gym allows physiotherapist’s to demonstrate, analyse, and modify exercises that are part of your exercise rehabilitation program.

There is the possibility of using the gym to perform the rehabilitation your physiotherapist prescribes either with or without direct supervision. Gym rates are $7 pay-as-you-go, or you can purchase a 1 month membership for $50.

If you would like to learn more about how our physiotherapists can assist you please call 9227 5665 or book online today.