Return To Sports Testing

100 point test – following knee injury

Our physiotherapists with the support of specialist sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper (Olympic Park Physiotherapy-Melbourne) offers a return to sport test following ACL ligament, Lars hybrid ACL reconstruction or following injury. There are three components to the testing.

Part A: The clinical examination.
The clinical examination involves measuring your knee range of motion assessing for swelling and testing the stability of the ACL graft.

Part B: IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form.
You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire where you will rate your symptoms, level of sporting activity, and function.

Part C: Functional Testing. Functional testing involves the following five tests:

1. Single leg hop test

You will be asked to stand on one leg and hop as far forward as possible landing on the same limb. Subjects are allowed to attempts and distance is recorded with a tape measure fixed to the ground.

2. The single leg crossover triple hop test

The test is performed with a thin 15 cm marking strip on the floor. You will be required to halt three consecutive times on 1 foot crossing the street on each hop, landing as far forward as possible. The results have been compared to that of your non-injured leg.

3. The star excursion balance test

You will stand on one leg and asked to reach for with the other leg as far as possible in three directions. This test will be performed on both legs.

4. The single leg squat to fatigue test or Kin Com test.

You will be asked to stand on one leg and former squat to be able to 90° as many times as you can. This test on both legs.

5. Landing error analysis

You will undergo a modified version of the Landing error scoring system (LESS). This task involves jumping off a small box and in landing immediately back into the air. Various mechanical factors will be assessed during the manoeuvre and you will be asked to repeat this a minimum of 5 to 6 times.

Feedback will be given due at the end of the session. A final number will be tallied for you and communicated to the surgeon. A score greater than 90 would normally indicate a return to training and eventually sport.

Testing Appointment Information:
The testing process takes place over 2 parts, and required 2 x 1 hour appointments.
People should wear what they would normally wear to exercise. Shorts T-shirt, tracksuit and runners are appropriate.

If you would like to learn more you please call 9227 5665 or book online below.