AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill

Introducing the AlterG The Anti Gravity Treadmill – Beatty Park Physiotherapy is the home to one of the finest revolutionary treadmills to appear in rehabilitation over the past decade.

The AlterG uses NASA patented technology (advanced differential air pressure) to allow you to reduce gravity impact by controlling the pressure to run between 20% – 99% of your total body weight.

The AlterG allows you to develop or maintain a normal running technique whilst simultaneously managing the load placed on your legs. This allows you to reduce the stress placed on joints and your muscles while you want to maintain your training or recover from an injury.

Clinical studies show that the AlterG can help decrease ground reaction forces in walking and running. This means it can be utilised by anyone!

‘It’s like exercising on the moon’

For athletic training the reduction in body weight allows you to train at a high speed and for greater distances, while reducing impact forces on legs.

Possible benefits of training and/or rehabilitating on the AlterG include:

  • Maintaining or adding extra km’s into your program while reducing stresses placed on your body
  • Train harder and longer and have better recovery
  • Rehabilitating from injury safely and effectively, encouraging functional movement patterns (running) in the early stages of your rehabilitation program
  • Any Lower body disability
  • Neurological Gait training
  • Fall Prevention
  • Weight Control

‘Train without the pain’

One of our trained physiotherapists will give you an induction on the machine, thereafter you can book a session at any time!

Call the clinic to find out further information or to book on 9227 5665