Reformer Class 1

Reformer classes utilise the reformer machine, a popular machine designed by Joseph Pilates, that assists with correct technique and challenges your muscles developing strength without bulk, improving flexibility, mobility, posture and bone density.

Our Reformer 1 Classes are run by Physiotherapists in a maximum 1:6 setting with exercises tailored to counteract the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles and to work on reversing the habits that we know often leads to injury.

Classes are aimed at the client that is rehabilitating from injury or is a first-timer to pilates. The focus is on correct movement patterns and posture in a variety of positions, with particular emphasis on core, pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle strength.

As you progress, load can be added (or reduced) for further challenge. Particular attention is provided by the instructor to ensure that each individual is exercising at the correct level for them.

The following videos are a mat version of our Reformer Level 1 class to keep you moving during this COVID-19 crisis.