Golf Swing Analysis

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Australia and is unfortunately also a sport with a significant injury rate with some studies suggesting 16% of Australian amateur players per year experience a golf related injury.

It is a sport that requires high rotational speed using the entire body in order to create centrifugal force; a movement that isn’t common during our activities of daily living eg. Work.

The Golf Swing Analysis is designed to identify sequences of movement in a golf swing that may be a contributing factor to a patients pain and/or performance. This is achieved through a video analysis in our clinic of 3 difference views; side on caddy view, down the line, and overhead. Following on from the video analysis, a musculo-skeletal screen is performed to identify any physical barriers affecting the swing, as well as contributing factors to pain. Golfers will often admit that one issue leads to another compensatory strategy and our aim at Beatty Park Physio is to provide a program to address any underlying issues, prevent maladaptive compensatory strategies, and provide a program to address mobility, power, or balance.

Please note, this is not a golf lesson! We leave this part up to your PGA professional and we love working with PGA pro’s as a team to keep you on the course pain free!