Game ready

Beatty Park Physiotherapy is now the sole distributor for Game Ready in WA! So don’t wait, take advantage of a device that is being utilized by many top AFL, Rugby Union and Soccer teams.

The Game Ready is a device that integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a revolutionary treatment system that sets a new standard of care in in injury and post-operative recovery. The Game ready is helping more and more athletes and patients to recover faster after an injury or surgery.

The device enables you to simply and simultaneously apply active pneumatic (air) compression combined with cryotherapy (ice) to reduce swelling, minimize pain, reduce muscle spasms, enhance lymphatic function, encourage oxygenated blood flow to speed and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

For acute musculoskeletal injury and orthopedic surgery recovery, nothing else works proactively like Game Ready. Compared to traditional RICE (Rest–Ice–Compression–Elevation) applications, the Game Ready System offers more therapeutic benefits. For you, that means less pain without medications and a faster return to the activities you love. The device provides sleeves for all joints of the body – providing use following any type of injury.

Watch a demonstration here

If you would like to learn more about how the Game Ready System can help you please call 9227 5665 or book online below.