Beatty Park Physiotherapy completes Game Ready Research .. Supporting why superstar Athletes are taking advantage of this Device!

The team at Beatty Park Physiotherapy are constantly thriving to create advantageous rehabilitation protocols to allow our patients to return back to full function quicker - whether your goal is to return to sporting activity or get back to work these results are super impressive!

Katie Holtham and team conducted research comparing the Game Ready device in patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) surgery to using standard ice alone. Ten patients utilised the Game Ready device for ten days compared to ten patients using ice alone following ACLR. The research compared swelling in the knee following surgery over a course of ten days and concluded how important the Game Ready device is on assisting you to reduce swelling, pain and start your rehabilitation following surgery far quicker!!

Click here to see the Results and patient feedback from using the Game Ready Device

These results are why AFL superstar Nic Naitanui is using Game Ready following his ACLR Surgery!

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