Exercise on the Moon (almost) with the AlterG.


Introducing our Anti-gravity treadmill, the AlterG. Used to improve sports injury rehab and athlete training. 

The AlterG uses NASA patented technology (advanced differential air pressure) to allow you to reduce gravity impact by controlling the pressure in the chamber. It allows you to select any weight between 20%-100% of your body weight. This allows you to reduce the stress to joints and muscle while you train or while you are recovering from injury.

Clinical studies show that the AlterG treadmills help decrease ground reaction forces in walking and running.

For athletic training the reduction in body weight it allows you to train at a high speed and for greater distances, while reducing impact forces on legs.

That means you can train for harder and longer and have a better recovery.

Cade's story

Cade (one of our physio’s) tweaked his calf while training for the Busselton Half Ironman.

In addition to receiving treatment, he used the AlterG to keep himself running while he was doing his rehabilitation. This was very effective because otherwise he would have been limited to swimming, cycling and walking.

Cade started at 40% of his body weight and incrementally increased to full weight bearing over 3 weeks. Following his rehabilitation Cade then utilised the AlterG to help with his training.

Follow this link to see the benefit of the AlterG for training.