New York Update

New York Update

Arrive at last after a 30 hour plus plane ride. The Marathon is seriously gaining momentum. At this stage they are saying 60,000 people. There are 3 bands per every mile (approx. 2 kms.). The race covers the 5 Boroughs of New York.

All the sport stores are selling beanies, tights  and gloves in preparation for the run. Coming from Perth the 6 degree race day temperature is going to rattle the bones. But more the winds. The headwind is predicted to be around  50km/hr  A stiff sea breeze gets up to around 30km/hr.

Its very important to reduce the heat loss from the body on days like this coming Sunday. The head and hands in particular are the areas that need protection. The other issue is to maintain hydration and fueling just like in training.

Wow what a place. A lot of very fit people are around Times Square and in Central Park obviously here for the race.

I am not sure if its our accent but its really hard to understand the locals with their normal get up.

Some interesting Facts about the Race:

Women Race Smarter.

In the last 3 years on average 7% of the women race the second of the marathon faster compared to the men, where on average only 5% run it quicker in the second half.

Global Participation in Marathons :

In the 1970’s 31 countries were represented with a total of 25,206 runners (9% women)

In the 2000’s 156 countries with 351,258 participants (32% women)

First Timers doing New York Marathon.

In last 10 years on average each year 78% of the runners are first time (bucket listers).