Kruger Game Park vs New York Marathon

Kruger Game Park vs New York Marathon

It’s the holiday season for a few of the staff.

Linda has headed back to her native South Africa apparently teaching some Lions some manners in Kruger National Park. There will be a flurry of photo’s very shortly.

John who will start treating in the clinic in December has headed off to do the New York Marathon with his partner Chris . His old mate Woosha did it last year and from all accounts it was a tough one.

Following from the marathon John hopes to visit the hospital which supports the event and in-particular have a look at the results some patients have had following “meniscus replacement” surgery. 

Last minute Injury.

Now this is not new to runners “calf tightening and spasm”. They say the cause is bedded in the history. Not a truer word said. Chris has been running in a different brand of shoe recently due to its great fit and the lightness. No problem doing up to 21km (70.3 in Busselton this year). Load on the kms and it's a different story.

This particular shoe has lugs on the bottom  towards the front under the forefoot to cause a rocker motion on push off. Good theory but whats the downside.

Be careful changing something that works and doesn’t breakdown. Calf pain is such an annoying niggle that can plague consistent training.

Over 40 years of age , a forefoot runner and have a rocker on your shoe

Solution –see pic to the right!